Community Shares 30 Years 30 Stories

For 30 years, Community Shares has been a strong supporter of nonprofits focusing on Social Justice, Animal Welfare and the Environment. Over the coming months, we will be sharing 30 stories from our 30 years of community change.

Why Donate Through Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee?

Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee believes workplace giving is the most effective way for citizens at large to change the course of their community. 

Without realizing the implications, some people believe sending their donation directly to a charity is better than giving to a campaign. Most times, it does not work out that way. Here’s why.

  1. People give because they are asked. Without being asked, good people may never act. The campaign helps people act on their good intentions.
  2. Receiving regular donations is critical to the life of charitable agencies. Throughout the year, the campaign distributes donations from payroll deductions. Without the campaign, agencies would depend upon people sending checks every month.
  3. More money makes charities more effective. Thanks to payroll deduction, donations to a campaign are 4-5 times greater than one-time donations. Most people find it much easier having $25 deducted from each of 20 pay periods, versus writing a check for $500.
  4. Charities reach out to thousands of potential donors through the campaign, without spending a dime on fundraising, in return for a small administrative overhead fee on dollars donated. In a sense, it is “FREE DOLLARS” for agencies, having spent nothing to get it.  This also allows them to spend more time and resources on their community work.
  5. Soliciting donations is expensive. Many charities have no formal fund-raising arm, choosing instead to join a workplace-giving campaign to solicit donations.  
  6. Unpaid volunteers play an essential role. They are able to channel their best efforts in a single annual plea for donations to the many agencies in the campaign.
  7. Even direct donations incur management fees and use up staff time that could better be spent toward an agency’s charitable mission.
  8. Donors can be confident in the legitimacy of charities belonging to a campaign federation. All have been thoroughly screened for legitimacy and good practices.
  9. Pooling resources allows campaign federations to reach out to more potential donors, more efficiently, and at lower cost, than any other approach. (There are no greeting cards, calendars, mailing labels, telemarketers, etc.)
  10. Many charitable organizations might simply cease to exist without support from our campaign and others like it.
  11. Without donations, the campaign itself would cease to exist, and each charity would need to handle its own fundraising, with an immense expense of time and money. 

When you give through a workplace campaign, you actually do more to ensure the long-term health and viability of charitable work in your community than through direct donation.

Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee provides a voice for local nonprofit groups.  Please donate or spread the word to others that they can give to organizations like this through Community Shares at your workplace. Embrace a better way of giving. 

Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee is passionately committed to raising money for our more than 50 nonprofit members through employee giving in area workplaces. By donating to Community Shares, you help us help them make Milwaukee a better place to live.

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“Hosting a Community Shares campaign is consistent with our corporate values.”
~ Keith Anderson, Engberg Anderson