Protecting our civil rights; providing education and literacy resources; enhancing the quality of life for gays and lesbians; housing and finding homes for our citizens; rebuilding lives; supporting workers and their rights. View more →


    Protecting the animals in our community by providing humane education programs; rehabilitation and adoption programs; and conservation programs View more →


    Preserving and protecting our natural resources, education and providing access to healthy food, and advocating for clean energy. View more →

Together, building a sustainable Milwaukee

Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee

Workplace giving campaigns allow employees to make regular donations to nonprofits through payroll deduction. These campaigns help people act on their good intentions. In fact, individuals give an average of five times more through workplace giving than they do when they write a check directly to an organization.

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Workplace giving campaigns are the simplest, most efficient and effective way to raise money. Everyone benefits – businesses, donors, member charities – and ultimately, the whole Greater Milwaukee community.

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Benefits of Workplace Giving

  • For Workplace Partners

    Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee confirms your community values and increases your company’s philanthropic profile at little cost. We also help raise employee morale and add value to job candidates who want to work for a company that cares about how it impacts and contributes to society.

  • For Individual Donors

    We make it easier to donate with smaller amounts automatically deducted from your paycheck throughout the year and offer true choice in giving to let you decide how many organizations to give to and at what amount. Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee provides confidence that member charities are legitimate, reasonably managed, and raises awareness of organizations within your community that focus on the issues you care about.

  • For Member Organizations

    Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee reaches more and new donors, as well as increases exposure to individuals who may benefit from services they have to offer or become volunteers. In addition we allow vital resources to be used for programs, not fundraising, and create a network of like-minded nonprofits.


Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee and our member organizations thank the following companies and organizations who offer our giving campaigns for their employees. Parents can monitor their child’s phone with meizumobiles. They can access what their child is doing on the phone and not just what they are looking at on the Internet. They are making Milwaukee a better place to live, work, and play – add your workplace to the list of proactive businesses today!


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