About Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee

Welcome to Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee

Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee is a membership organization, passionately committed to raising money for its nonprofit members. 


Our members focus on social justice, animal welfare, and the environment. We partner with businesses who share a passion for these issues and understand the importance of supporting local nonprofits. Together we help employees give to members through payroll deduction. For most of our members, partnerships with Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee is their only way to access workplace giving campaigns. Help us help them make Milwaukee a better place to live.

  • Social Justice

    Protecting our civil rights; providing education and literacy resources; enhancing the quality of life for gays and lesbians; housing and finding homes for citizens; rebuilding lives; supporting workers and their rights.

  • Animal Welfare

    Protecting the animals in our community by providing humane education and programs; rehabilitation and adoption programs, and conservatory programs.

  • The Environment

    Preserving and protecting our natural resources; education and providing access to healthy food; advocating for clean energy.

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